Discover the Unspoiled Marine Life, Vibrant Corals, and Crystal Clear Waters of Alor. Experience the Thrill of Diving in a World-Class Destination, Rich in Biodiversity and Untouched by Mass Tourism. Your Adventure Awaits

What to see in Alor

Local Fish Traps

Explore the traditional fishing methods of the local communities in Alor by visiting areas where fish traps are used.

Macro Marine Life

For underwater enthusiasts, Alor is a paradise for macro diving. Where you can encounter a plethora of fascinating macro creatures.


While sightings of dugongs in Alor are not guaranteed, the coastal waters, especially around seagrass beds, offer opportunities to spot these gentle marine mammals.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Alor by visiting traditional villages and experiencing the local way of life.

Bama Wall & Slope

Sometimes called: “The Great Wall of Pantar”, is a steep drop-off on the east coast of Pantar island opposite the island of Pura. It starts as a slope covered in corals hugging the terrain tacitly against the regular onslaught of the currents that feed the thriving biomass. The slope abruptly gives way to a wall – a shallow buttress of rock overhangs a deep sliver of a shelf amassed with sponges, crescent-tailed big eyes & maybe something special like a frogfish. After the wall we can turn a small corner with a divine shallow coral garden with dazzling anthias flitting above their little coral sponsors. Alternatively, with ample bottom time remaining one can continue along a further slope crammed with more tenacious corals, harbouring fish feeding, fish hiding & fish cleaning. Sometimes schooling humphead parrotfish, snappers, napoleon wrasse, cosy into your eyesight too.

Mucky Mosque (Masjid Ampera)

For divers who love muck diving or for those who would like to give it a try, Mucky Mosque in Alor offers some of the best muck diving in the area. Here we may find the weird & wonderful critters that are typically found in Lembeh, Ambon & Bali. Usually we can find frogfish, ghost pipefish & some amazing cephalopods such as the mimic octopus or the wunderpus & if we are lucky; the most photogenic fish: the rhinopia.

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