Lipe , where you’ll embark on an incredible diving adventure spanning over 3 days. This journey is perfect for diving enthusiasts looking to explore the underwater wonders of Koh Lipe, located within the renowned Adang-Rawi National Park. With 11 dives scheduled between June and October.


Then when it comes to the captivating dive sites of Koh Talang, or as it is sometimes referred to as Stonehenge, divers are in for a treat with its unique features and diverse underwater landscape. This location offers a variety of ways to explore the island’s waters, but visibility can vary. Stonehenge is famous for its abundant soft coral, creating  an unforgettable spectacle for divers. The shallow waters surrounding Stonehenge contain some of the most spectacular soft coral formations, displaying a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that will astound you in awe. In addition to Stonehenge, another popular spot at Koh Talang is the Talang Steps. Here, divers can indulge in macro diving, discovering the incredible world of small critters and beautiful marine life. Watch out for the elusive coral cat shark, a species that can often be spotted in this area.

8 Miles Rock

8 Mile Rock, Hin Paed Mile, as you descend into the depths surrounding 8 Mile Rock, you’ll be greeted by brilliant colors of the flourishing coral reefs that encircle the pinnacle. Schools of tropical reef fish will grace your dive, creating a mesmerizing spectacle as they dart among the corals. Keep an eye out for sightings of barracudas with their alluring silver bodies and the graceful movements of big-eyed trevally schooling. The amazing interactions with school of mobula rays, though, are what make 8 Mile Rock the actual highlight. These elegant creatures gracefully glide through the water with their large, wing-like pectoral fins. Witnessing their aerial displays, somersaults, and synchronized swimming is truly a sight to behold and a memory that will last a lifetime. But that’s not all – if you’re lucky, you might even have the rare privilege of swimming alongside the gentle giants of the ocean, the whale sharks. These magnificent creatures, known for their immense size and distinctive spotted patterns, occasionally grace the waters around 8 Mile Rock. Sharing the water with such a magnificent creature is an experience that will leave you in awe.

Adang Island

Beside those two Lipe’s popular wide-angle spots, the seas surrounding Adang Island offer the thrilling sensation of macro-muck diving. Enter a world of enchanting and often bizarre critters, with opportunities to spot seahorses, pipefish, colorful sea slugs-nudibranchs, and various species of crustaceans. Take your time to explore the the sandy bottoms, and you might find some elusive creatures hiding out in this macro-diving paradise.

Adding on the unforgettable diving experience, Koh Lipe visit also provides an excellent opportunity to take in stunning sunsets while going island hopping. Sit back, relax, and soak in the breathtaking views as you witness the sun gently setting over the Andaman Sea, casting warm hues across the horizon.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 : Embarkation Day

Day 2 : Talang & Adang

Day 3 : 8 Miles Rock

Day 4 : East of Lipe

Day 5 : Disembark & Last Day

Know Before You Go

Park & Port Fees

Foreigner Diver : 900THB / 300THB (Non-Diver)

Thai Diver : 720THB / 120THB (Non-Diver)

Departure Port : Pak Bara Pier, Satun

Arrival Port : Pak Bara Pier, Satun

Transfer time is approximately 2 hours from Hat Yai Airport to Pak Bara Pier, Satun

Our airport shuttle service starts from 15:00 til the last flight on the departure date

Airline Recommendation : Thai Smile/Air Asia

Departure from – Arrival to : DON MUENG (DMK), Bangkok


Air Asia FD3108     14:10 – 15:40

Air Asia FD3114     15:35 – 17:05


Air Asia FD3017     13:40 – 15:05

Departure from – Arrival to : SUVARNABHUMI (BKK), Bangkok


Thai Smile  WE263     12:30 – 14:00


Thai Smile  WE64     14:40 – 16:15

“For all domestic flights to Hat Yai we recommended, once on ground, our dive team will be waiting with a sign and assist you to the shuttle van we provide”

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