Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Saleh Bay

Whether you're interested in the big or the small, there's something for every diver to discover in this marine paradise.

What to see in Saleh

Whale Sharks

The bay's star attraction, these gentle giants are a sight to behold and can be encountered throughout the year.

Diverse Marine Life

From schooling fish to intricate nudibranchs, the bay's biodiversity is impressive.

Coral Reefs

The reefs boast a rich diversity of corals, providing a habitat for many marine organisms.

Moyo Island

Explore the charm of Moyo Island with its stunning waterfall and landscapes.

Dive With Whale Shark

Whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, are the largest fish in the sea. In Indonesia, we mainly see intermediate aged male sharks. These tend to average around 4 or 5m in length. They can be found in the Saleh Bay Area virtually all year. However, late July-November is the optimum visibility. During a full moon, Bagan fishermen do not venture out to sea. The whale shark can only be found if there is a Bagan. A unique Indonesian fishing boat used by the people of Sulawesi. Outriggers that utilize nets that they drop below the surface at night. They fish at night using bright lights to attract shrimp & small fish to their nets. Local whale sharks have learned that these lights mean a free buffet & often turn up at the Bagan. This phenomenon of whale sharks learning about an easy meal has been found throughout Indonesia, wherever these fishing boats are used.

Pertnork Surprise

located off a beach which has some fishing nets & timber poles in the water 30 or 40m off the beach. The site is black sand which has a flatter shallow section at about 3m & then a gradual slope that goes to 30m+. There is so much here to see. Nudibranchs, pipefish, frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish (OGP), robust ghost pipefish (RGP). Many species of shrimp. The fishing net which is spread across the beach in about 6m of water.

Angel reef

A sand cay that lies off the west coast of Moyo, about 1nm SW of the village of Labuan Aji. A healthy coral reef with a SW vertical wall dropping to over 40m. There are huge elephant ear & barrel sponges along the wall. It is teeming with long fin banner fish & red-fang triggerfish. Closer inspection of some of the many gorgonian sea fans may reveal Denise pygmy seahorse. Many tropical fish species: clownfish, large pufferfish, filefish, surgeonfish & different wrasses. Many of the barrel sponges have hairy squat lobsters in the scales of the barrels.

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