Explore the Hidden Depths Dive Maumere's Mysterious Waters

Discover a world unlike any other as you plunge into the murky depths of our muck diving sites. Uncover a hidden realm teeming with captivating critters and extraordinary marine life.

What's to see in Maumere

Muck Divesite

Dive into the murky seabed to discover a hidden realm teeming with fascinating critters and peculiar creatures.

Macro Critters

For macro enthusiasts, there’s an abundance of small wonders like pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and ghost pipefish.

Dolphins & pilot whales

Are common & can be seen during the whole year, mostly if the sea is calm.

Great Coral Reefs

Nice coral reefs with steep walls covered with hard corals & large sea fans.

Pasar Ikan

This means fish market & is a busy place with fishing boats & canoes, people coming in with their catch & selling it on the fish market. We dive to the side of the jetty on a slope where there are usually no boats overhead. This is mainly a muck dive site, a seahorse has been spotted here which was the size of a 1.5 lt Aqua bottle, mating frogfishes have been seen here, dragonets, devil fishes, moray eels & seamoths.

The Village (Babi South)

Outside a small fishing village lies a great dive site. We descend down a sandy slope & hope to encounter long-jawed mackerels, black-tip reef sharks, jacks & tunas. We continue the dive on a nice mini-wall with lots of soft corals & beautiful gorgonian fans, many of them are of the species Muricella, a gorgonian known to be the habitat of the pygmy seahorse. Finish the dive at the coral garden, further sharks, jacks & large tuna. The coral garden has large coral bommies; cleaning stations with dancing shrimps underneath & glass fish clouds.

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