Raja Ampat

Discover Raja Ampat, an untouched sanctuary where the ocean’s heart beats with life. Dive into a world of vibrant reefs and rare marine species, and emerge to the serenity of its emerald isles.

What to see in Raja Ampat

Pianemo Islands

These islands provide stunning landscapes with their iconic karst formations rising from the turquoise sea, offering panoramic views and excellent photo opportunities.

Macro Critters

For macro enthusiasts, there’s an abundance of small wonders like pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and ghost pipefish1.

Pristine Coral Reefs

The coral reefs in Raja Ampat are some of the most pristine and vibrant in the world, offering a stunning backdrop for diving.

Reef Sharks and Manta Rays

The clear waters are home to a variety of sharks, including the tasselled wobbegong, and graceful manta rays.

Boo Window

Boo Window aka Boo Rocks – is a majestic ridge off the east-tip of the elongate & sharply rising punctuated rocks of Boo. There is a famous swim-through just under the surface here – popular with wide-angle photographers. The large rock has steep sides dominated by fan corals. Popular with wide angle photo enthusiasts & macro lovers alike, these splendid sea fans may harbour all 3 types of the popular pygmy seahorses in the area. there is a gap between the smaller rock with a cute little tree above it. This lies on a ridge formation of the divesite surrounded by pelagics & topped with soft corals & smashing school of yellow snappers. On occasion, with a reasonably stiff current, especially from the north-east, there can be a lot of action here. A wall of blue & yellow fusiliers is usually corralled by trevallies. Grey reef sharks loiter nearby, cruising in & out of the bluster of fish. Schools of batfish & barracuda fill the water column & if very lucky, a manta ray may swing by as well.

Melissa's Garden

Melissa’s Garden is a renowned dive site in Raja Ampat, celebrated for its stunning coral gardens and abundant marine life. Located between the Jet Fam Islands and near the famous Piaynemo island, this site features an oval-shaped reef with a flat top adorned with intensely colored hard and soft corals, sponges, and crinoids. It’s a paradise for macro divers and photographers, offering a plethora of subjects like brightly colored nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, and anemone fish. The reef begins at a shallow depth, sloping down to a sandy bottom around 25 meters, where divers can encounter angelfish, lionfish, schools of surgeons, parrotfish, and even the elusive wobbegong sharks. Melissa’s Garden is accessible to all levels of divers and is also a snorkeling-friendly spot, making it one of the best coral reefs in Raja Ampat.

The Passage

Passage is arguably one of the most unique dive sites in Indonesia. Nestled between Gam & Waigeo islands in Raja Ampat, this narrow channel boasts a thriving ecosystem. Diving in The Passage is akin to diving in a jungle river, thanks to its lush mangrove & rainforest-lined banks.

There is a beautiful collection of sea fans in the shallows about half-way down the divesite & a cave in which you can surface. At times it is like a drift dive & is deeper than 15m for the most part. Detritus collects along the bottom in an almost benthic environment – perfect for critter hunters also.

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