Unveil the Fiery Secrets of the Banda Sea

Journey Through the Fiery Waters of the Ring of Fire’s Underwater Wonderland

What to see in Banda Sea

Hammerhead Sharks

Some sites serve as cleaning stations for these magnificent creatures, with sightings of up to 200 sharks in a single dive.

Vibrant Reefs

The Banda Sea is known for its healthy reef systems teeming with life.

Sea Snakes

The islands of Manuk and Gunung Api are famous for close encounters with sea snakes.

Cultural Richness

The Banda Sea is not only a diving paradise but also has a rich history linked to its spice trade.

Karang Nil Desperandum

‘Never Despair’ is 70nm SSE of Manuk & 15nm NE of Nila – the nearest island. This is an atoll that has divesites at the north & south of the atoll, both on the west-side.

An atoll is a flat top, mound-like coral reef during the subsidence of an oceanic island of either volcanic or nonvolcanic origin below sea level. There are a lot of juvenile grey reef sharks in the shallow here usually along with barracudas. There are at least 3 large silver-tip sharks that are often sighted here – along with a juvenile that stays close to the grey reef shark juveniles. Divers may also encounter large schools of jacks & huge tunas. The barrel sponges here, in some areas are enormous & aplenty. Aside all this – it is believed that this atoll may be an area that scalloped hammerhead sharks come to breed.

Pombo Booi

A bit of a macro lovers paradise. The underwater bathymetry is particularly pleasing. Its rocky outcrops tumble down from the shallows& rise up from a white sandy slope. The shallows have black-tip reef sharks & turtles. The coral studded overhangs are rich with marine fauna & conceal treasures such as pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish & leaf-fish. It’s a nice challenge for the eagle-eyed dive guides to search for its hidden delights. At one place, at the right angle with clear visibility, the foundation of the little tree coppiced island of Booi, has a rock that appears to look like the face of a gorilla!

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