The South Andaman, where you’ll embark on a thrilling diving adventure exploring some of the most captivating dive sites in the region. This 4-day journey will take you to remarkable locations, including Phi-Phi National Park, Lanta National Park and Adang-Rawi National Park, respectively.

Lanta National Park

Venturing to Lanta National Park, you’ll have the opportunity to explore three incredible dive sites: Koh Haa, Hin Daeng, and Hin Muang. Koh Haa is a group of five pristine islets offering a variety of dive experiences, including swim-throughs, caves, and walls adorned with colorful corals and sponges. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are famous for their vibrant soft corals, gorgonians, and large schools of pelagic fish. These sites also provide opportunities to encounter larger marine species, such as manta rays and whale sharks.

Phi Phi Islands

Immerse yourself in Phi-Phi’s distinctive underwater world as we visit the renowned Bida and plenty more dive sites. With vibrant hard corals and an abundance of marine life, these beautiful limestone formations provide breathtaking underwater scenery. As you descend into a world of brimming with marine diversity, including dazzling reef fish, sea turtles, and perhaps even reef sharks or leopard sharks, get ready to be in awe. 

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Embarkation day

Day 2: Koh Haa

Day 3 : Hin Muang Hin Dang

Day 4 : Hin Muang Hin Dang Koh Haa

Day 5 : Bida Nok, Hin Bida, Hin Musang

Day 6 : Disembarkation Day

Know Before You Go

Park & Port Fees

Foreigner Diver : 1200THB / 400THB (Non-Diver)

Thai Diver :   960THB / 160THB (Non-Diver)

Departure Port :  Visit Panwa Pier, Phuket

Arrival Port : Visit Panwa Pier, Phuket

Transfer time is approximately 1 hour from Phuket Airport to Visit Panwa Pier, Phuket

Our airport shuttle service starts from 16:00 til the last flight on the departure date

Airline Recommendation : Thai Smile/Air Asia

Departure from – Arrival to : DON MUENG (DMK), Bangkok


Air Asia FD3017   15:20 – 16:55

Air Asia FD3021   16:35 – 17:55


Air Asia FD3092   11:55 – 13:15

Departure from – Arrival to : SUVARNABHUMI (BKK), Bangkok


Thai Smile  WE215   13:55 – 15:25

Thai Smile  WE283     14:55 – 16:25

Bangkok Airways PG277       16:55 – 18:20


Thai Smile  WE286   11:40 – 13:15

Air Asia FD4111   12:05 – 13:35

Bangkok Airways PG277   12:50 – 14:20

Thai Smile  WE286   13:35 – 14:35

“For all domestic flights to Phuket we recommended, once on ground, our dive team will be waiting with a sign and assist you to the shuttle van we provide”

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